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So, how did I transition from Radio Engineer to politician ?

When John Major was re-elected as part of a continuing Conservative Government, we thought that we had to do something about this. Looking at all the British Political parties, the Liberal Democrats seemed the best match, so we joined

Once in the party, Jennifer stood as a local Councillor for the East Chesterton Ward, and I joined her in 2002. I'd decided to concentrate on the green agenda - all new housing to have better insulation and some renewable energy - modal shift from cars to bikes and buses.

Life as a back-bencher was interesting and frustrating. It was difficult to assimilate enough information upon which to make ( and influence others ) a decision.

In May 2003 I became Chair of the Environment Scrutiny Committee. Then Executive Councillor for Planning and Transport in may 2004. I had hoped to be able to continue with a part-time contract and Executive Councillor, but the council meetings were too frequent to continue with regular work.

As an Executive Councillor, you are in a position to take decisions under advice from officers, and that are in line with the wishes of the ruling group. Trying to compromise these two can be interesting.

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