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Jennifer Anne Bailey

Curriculum Vitae as at 1st September, 2008

Executive Summary With over twenty years experience in the Telecommunications Industry, I have an in depth knowledge of digital and analogue radio systems, together with expertise in the design and implementation of embedded hardware and software solutions on a variety of platforms.

I like to follow my products from meeting the customer and writing the requirement specifications through to the support of production, customer acceptance and installation in the field.

Keywords Tetra, GPS, Linux, PIC, C programming, MPT1327, Electronic Design, RF Design, PCB design, GPRS

Contact I currently live in Cambridge and can be contacted at

J-Squared Ltd. ( 1994 - present, Director )

J-Squared Ltd was initially set up in 1994 as a vehicle for accepting contract work, but moved on to project work and products as we matured. J-Squared Ltd is owned by myself and my partner

  • 2008 Starting from an undocumented prototype of a novel capacitive barcode reader, I redesigned the hardware, designed a PCB, and rewrote the software to produce a version suitable for production. The software was written in Microchip C, and the PCB was designed using EasyPC

  • 2008 Upgrade and support of a data management system used with an MPT1327 network for sending bus management data. ( Transport for London )

  • 2007 Integration of bluetooth support into two different manufacturer's Tetra Terminals to allow the bidirectional transfer of data between the PEI interface and an external PDA.( Infomatrix Ltd )

  • 2006 Software for decoding POCSAG ( Pager signalling protocol ) using a PIC. (Hidalgo Ltd )

  • 2004 Design of a Speaker-Microphone containing a high sensitivity GPS module. This was to be connected to a Tetra radio and the location information transported using SDS.( Infomatrix Ltd )

  • 2004 Design and implementation of a GPS ephemeris receiving, decoding and broadcast unit, initially in visual basic and finally using a PIC

  • 2003 Design of the hardware for a location-based advertising system to be mounted on a shopping trolley, using GPS, embedded Linux and peripherals such as bar code scanners.( Top Hat Productions Ltd )

  • 2002 Design of a series of Telemetry units for various applications. These are PIC based, containing GPS and GSM modules. I was responsible for the complete hardware from concept to production support and the low level software in CCS C. Once the product was in the field, I supported the various customers with modifications, demos and fault-finding together with contract negotiation and acceptance testing.

  • 2001 Design of a GPS-based signal strength surveying system using a PC as the logging device. The recovered signal strength and BER data was then use to analyse the effects of multipath interference to Tetra operation in mountainous areas.

  • 1999 Hardware and Software Design of a water sampling and measurement system for use around Thermal Vents in mid-ocean using a PIC programmed in C. The unit had to work unattended for 12 months at up to 1000 atmospheres, pH2 and 150 degrees centigrade. ( Cambridge University - Earth Sciences )

  • 1998 Design and implementation of a 64 channel PABX voice logger using a PC platform and custom ISA slot cards. ( Voicelog Systems Ltd. )

  • 1996 Design of a Laser Diode management system for a communication system. This used an 80C552 and custom hardware. ( Analogical Systems Ltd )

Infomatrix Ltd ( 2006 - 2007, Senior Software Engineer ) .

  • ETS Working Group 4 STF specification work - Work to recommend a new interface protocol for Tetra Terminals ETS300392-5. Different hardware implementations were scored as to their usability, and a method of multiplexing competing data traffic was suggested.

  • Forensic work - Linux software specfically for bit copying a variety of hard disks, flash disks and PDAs. This was performed to a standard that could be used for evidence in court.

  • System administratrion, Test and Integration of compression software into the Airwave Tetra infrastructure. I had to choose the hardware platform and Linux operating system suitable for integration into both the Airwave test and operational infrastructures. I then set up the support contract, training and call-out procedure. I wrote the training materials and then gave the training all levels of support people.

  • Linux Kernel work for Amino - update of a USB driver from USB 1.0 to USB 2.0 within a custom Linux kernel. This involved adding patches to the kernel and debugging the result. Adding USB2.0 webcams by modifying existing drivers

Indoor Positioning Ltd. ( 2003 - 2005, Technical Director )

Indoor Positioning Ltd was incorporated to deliver a patented indoor positioning solution using IP developed by J-Squared Ltd.

  • 2005 Design of a high power 1575MHz active repeater suitable for mass production. The design used a series of MMICs and ceramic filters on a standard double sided PCB. ( IndoorPositioning Ltd )

  • 2004 Using the funding from a Smart award, to test the feasibility of a novel indoor location system, suitable for use with standard GPS receivers. Tested with both aerials and leaky feeder systems.

Sepura Ltd. ( 2003 - 2004, Consultant on behalf of J-Squared Ltd. )

  • Software implementation of an extended ETS300392-5 based Hayes command interpreter on an ARM based Tetra radio

  • Integration of a high sensitivity GPS receiver into portable Tetra radio. Sensitivity trials and verification

  • Design of a PIC based IIC EEPROM eraser and programmer for pre-production testing of Tetra radio

  • Design of validation Rule Database. Conversion of C++ based validation rules into SQL.

Simoco Ltd. ( 1997 - 2001, Consultant on behalf of J-Squared Ltd. )

  • TETRA - Design of an ECMA compliant QSIG stack. This is an OSI Layer 3 protocol. This was developed in C on a DOS platform and then ported to VxWorks

  • Implementation of the Mobility Management aspect of a TETRA radio system together with specfication of a numbering system suitable for a national radio system..

  • Design, implementation and support of a NiCd and NiMH fast battery charger using a PIC 16C73 programmed in CCS C.

  • Adding functionality to a range of Base Radio Equipment programmed in PLM on an 8051

Philips Telecom - PMR ( 1994 - 1996, Consultant on behalf of J-Squared Ltd. )

  • Design and execution of Field Trails to test and demonstrate major functionality of an MPT1343 based radio system to a local water services provider.

Spectronics Micro Systems Ltd ( 1990 - 1994, Engineer )

  • Design of mobile data terminals and integration into various manufacturer's PMR radios with responsibility from initial specifications to trial field installations. Writing software in assembler and C for the data terminal radio interface to enable operation on systems such as BandIII and S.M.S. proprietary systems. Installation and maintenance of networked PC based dispatcher system using LAN manager on customer's premises.

  • Installation of a pilot radio data and voice system at the Automobile Association headquarters in Bristol. Commissioning the radio sites and supervising the first mobile installations.

Pye Telecom/Philips Radio Communication Systems Ltd ( 1980 - 1990, Student/Engineer )

  • Interfacing of high-speed digital encryption into a number of Philips PMR products for the MOD and Uniformed Services.

  • Hardware design of various boards for mobile, portable and fixed radios. These boards were mainly used for control and signalling functionality in the radio, involving digital and analogue design.

Other Skills : I have spent the last 6 years in Cambridge local politics, initially on the back benches then cabinet member for Environment and finally Major of Cambridge. On retiring from the Council, I completed a circumnavigation of the UK in my 27' sailing yacht. I have also designed and built the hardware and software for my own 1420MHz Radio Telescope.

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