My Home Life


I live with Jennifer in Cambridge, and have two boys, Tobias and Jack.



I started sailing in the early 1980s with Phil (G4BIK) who had a Hornet that he had built himself. I used to crew for Phil, going out on the trapeze as necessary.

My first boat was called 'Misty Moon' and was a motor cruiser that I kept initially at Earith, then moved her to Cambridge.

In the early 1990s I did a week's dingy sailing course at Alton Water, and after that hired wayfarers and topers until I bought my own Enterprise dingy.

Greenfly was my first keel boat. I now own Sanda who is for sale.


I'm the UK co-ordinator for Project Argus, part of the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence -SETI. I have installed my own Project Argus SETI Station and written SETISEARCH - code under LINUX to search for coherent signals.


My radio callsign is G0VQH, licensed since 1978. I'm often mobile on 1942Khz, listening at home on 434.575MHz and can be located using APRS.

Radio Astronomy

Radio Astronomy - having a large radio telescope in the back garden for SETI allows some playing with radio Astronomy. Looking at bigger telescopes, we are trying to use the One Mile telescope.

Tesla Coils


Up until 2005, we paid a television license to watch one or two programmes a week, but mostly to pay our way towards 24/7 listening to BBC Radio 4, Radio 7 and the World Service. We have now dropped our TV licensee payment ( because of an appalling License campaign ), removed the tuner from the TV and use it for watching DVDs only.

Nowadays, our view of the world comes mainly from the BBC World Service, Radio 4 and the magazines Private Eye/New Statesman and Fortean Times.

I used to go to the Cambridge Buddhist Centre once or twice every two weeks. A little calm in a world of noise and chaos.

I have some Theories Beware, I am also confused about my beliefs

Vices ( and non-vices )

I play too many video games. The current favourite ( 2005/2006 ) is World of Warcraft where I have a number of Characters. MMORPGs are the future game genre.

Techie gadgets and shopping

I have not eaten meat or fish since early 1995, this is on ethical and efficiency grounds. I'm not a great food lover anyway, my ideal would be to have all food as a small pill taken once a day. I avoid alcohol because it tends to cause migraines.. I don't smoke.

Techie stuff

Home computing started with nassys ( NASCOM ), then DOS, Windows 3.1, Linux and now we have moved to our latest favourite platform of Mac OSX. We still use Linux for all server and processing functions, but OSX just works well. We have the odd Windows XP box for work.

Other stuff

We have Cats !

Favorite books, music and holidays.

Our rather odd vehicles.

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