5th March 1999 - presentation to Cambridge Radio Club Titled 'Radio Astronomy and SETI' given by Jenny Bailey and Bernie Wright

20th September - SETI lecture to Simoco employees given by Jenny Bailey and Bernie Wright

15th October - SETI lecture to Blackheath Scientific Society given by Jenny Bailey and Bernie Wright

31st July 2000 - SETI and Linux lecture to the Linux Beer Wandering Convention

25th may 2001 - Tesla Coil talk to Cambridge Radio Club

17th August 2001 - Lecture to the Cambridge Amateur Astronomers - Radio Astronomy and SETI

11th November 2001 - Lecture to Cambridge Radio Club - Radio Astronomy

Magazine Articles

Radio Today - June 1999 - 4 page article by Jenny Bailey

Media events

December 1999 - showing of a number of short programs about my SETI project on the Discovery Channel

Web broadcast - Now News service

Early 2001 - BBC World interview on SETI

6th April 2001- LinuxChix BBC World filming

21st July 2001 - Talk Radio interview - SETI

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