26th May 2007 Elected Mayor of Cambridge
8th Nov 2007 Bought Serenity
5th Sept 2006 Sold Sanda
12th Apr 2006 Put sanda up for Sale
25th May 2006 Resign after 2 years Executive Councillor for Planning and Transport. Elected Deputy Mayor.
10th May 2006 Started job at Infomatrix
28th Jan 2006 Start OU course T206
2nd Jan 2006 Jenny Updates most pages.
27th Nov 2005 J2 Buys its first ( new ) van.
6th Oct 2005 Start BSAC Ocean Diver course.
15th Aug 2005 Sanda Removed from water.
16th Sep 2004 Matthew redesigns web pages.
4th Aug 2004 Take posession of Sanda.
27th Apr 2004 Updated this page to use PHP.
26th Jul 2004 500 Hydra 5 PCBs into production - the design *must* be right.
12th Jul 2004 Part time work for Hidalgo.
5th Jul 2004 Start back at Sepura working with Delphi/Access for 20 hours a week.
24th Jun 2004 First Full Council meeting with my new responsibility. Worrying, but it was OK.
21st Jun 2004 Move Greenfly from Shotley to Tidemill yacht harbour to be sold by temple Marine.
12th Jun 2004 Accepted as Executive Councillor for Planning and Transport - Cambridge City.
11th Jun 2004 Elected to Cambridge City Council as the member for East Chesterton.
29th May 2004 Attend Heartland games - it was fun, but I'm too busy for this!
12th May 2004 My liver seems to be unhappy, long series of inconclusive tests. Don't feel very well.
17th Mar 2004 Fail to buy boat 'Nina' - a concrete ketch.

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