My Professional Life

I left school with one aim in life. I wanted to make the best two way radios in the world, and the obvious place to do this was a company called Pye Telecom. I joined as a Student in 1980 and fully once I had graduated in 1983.

Pye was quickly taken over by Philips to form Philips Telecom. This gave the company security, but we were not engineering led anymore. We had moved from making the best radios to making the biggest profit.

I moved to a smaller company who were destined to make it big in the mobile data world. Here, I realised that you engineer for love rather than money in England, and if the management had a choice or quality or profit (or even survival) then quality went out of the window. I was torn between satisfying a well deserving end-user, and supporting a company who just needed a payment for the system to survive.

So, I sold out and became a contractor. I now try to give good value to *my* customers and ignore the big picture. That is my place as a contractor.

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