The Heartland Games 2001

During the Spring Bank holiday at the end of May, the Lorien Trust hold their annual LRP event, called The Heartland Games. This year (2001) Jenny and I went and took two children, Tobias and Campion.

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Jenny played her usual character, a warrior called Sharrow who is an expert at using her sword, her bow, and looking hard. She survives (or has so far) by being paranoid, and doesn't even go to the coffee bar without having her bow strung and ready and her sword within easy reach.

Here she is ready to go and kick some ass.

My character was called Esme (look, I had to think up a name rather quickly, and it's the first one I came up with, ok?) who is a healer. I survive by always running away from fights wherever possible, only coming in afterwards when it's safe to provide succor to the wounded.

Here I am looking pleased with myself for having survived an attack by hoards of undead, mainly because I can run faster than a zombie

Tobias as an evil clown

Tobias (aka Twiggy) spent a large part of the weekend monstering, playing Non Player Characters (NPCs). The plot of the weekend was complex, convoluted and confused, as normal, but seemed to involve the Mages Guild having problems with a broken clock, which caused nasty things to appear every six hours.

One of the nasty things was the Dark Carnival. Here is Tobias about to go out and wreck havoc as an Evil Clown.

We all did a lot of shopping over the weekend. Tobias bought a big two-handed sword (which he could bearly lift), Sharrow invested in some more arrows and a pair of lace up leather arm protectors (which have a proper name that I forget at the moment), Campion decided on a really evil looking scimiter, and I bought a new belt and scabbard.

There were a lot of traders selling lots of wonderful weapons, clothes, armour and nic-naks. This is just one trader, called 'The Mangled Hobbit'.

The Mangled Hobbit

The whole idea of the Heartland Games (apart from the obvious: drinking and fighting) is that there is a series of games. It's a sort of Commonwealth Games with Orcs.

The most popular game, as well as being the one with the most casualties, seemed to be Orc-Ball. For those who haven't read Mary Gentle's 'Grunts', orcball is much like rugby, except that you chop of an Orc's head to use for a ball, and when tacking your opponant it is permissable to use swords, war axes and maces as well as a traditional rugby tackle.

There were more gentle games played. Here is a simple tug-of-war. I don't know which team this is, but even with two orcs on their side they appear to be losing

It wasn't quite all fighting, drinking and hard work. Here is Alice enjoying a quiet gentle game of croquet.

I just love this costume, and I'm really sad that the picture didn't come out too well. Alice is using a pink flamingo as a croquet mallet, and a pink hegehog (actually it looked more like a tribble) as a ball. Note the bloodstains on her dress too. I didn't ask her how she came to get the blood over her, but I was careful not to mess with her. Flamingos can make deadly weapons.


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