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4th March 2011

A picture of me Jennifer Liddle is a software engineer, an ex-councillor, a part-time director, and generally nice person. And not scary at all. She lives in a small village near to Newmarket with a cat, a dog, a partner, too many chickens, and a horse.

She was brought up and went to school in Croydon before moving to Cambridge in 1994.

She occasionally finds time for short holidays, and even more occasionally writes them up in the form of a travel journal.

As a break from software engineering and looking after the animals she sometimes attendlive roleplaying events. Here is a description and photographs of the first such event I attended in 2000 (wow, doesn't time fly). And another journal from 2001. There are also some photographs from the 2005 and 2006 events.

I started my first programming job in 1980 (writing Cobol on a HP3000) and have been in the IT industry ever since. Feel free to take a look at my CV (now also available in PDF format). I sometimes describe myself as half of J-Squared Ltd (the other half being Jenny Bailey), but am currently a full-time employee of the Sanger Institute.

Jennifer sitting

Just in case you are ever in love, here are two cures for love from Wendy Cope.

In my job as a programmer I have occasionally had to suffer the indignity of having induhviduals criticise my code. If this has ever happened to you here are some wise words from Verity Stob on surviving a code review.

My philosophy of life is probably best summed up by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Finally (for now), if you really really want to, you can mail me. (I'd prefer it if you used my PGP key to encrypt email).