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This site is intended to complement the main SETI League Web Site which, although giving a wealth of useful information, can tend to be a little US-centric at times. We aim to provide information which is of specific interest to members of the SETI league in the UK, or to non-members who are interested in our Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

What is SETI, and why in the UK?

SETI - The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is an attempt to obtain evidence of intelligent life outside our Solar System. There are many projects pursuing this goal, but we are focusing our efforts looking for narrow-band radio transmissions in the 1GHz to 10GHz region, and with the majority of stations looking at the frequency of neutral hydrogen - 1420MHz.

The SETI League is a global organization, and this is essential for the search because not all of the sky can be viewed from any country. A signal seen in the UK at a particular point in the sky will be visible for confirmation on the East coast of the USA 5 hours later. It is a function of the SETI League to co-ordinate this activity.

Why a UK regional page?

The SETI League Web Site contains a comprehensive guide to building and operating a Project Argus SETI station. However, some information such as component suppliers, is US specific.

This site exists to encourage other people in the UK to build and operate their own stations, and to give help and advice to solve those problems specific to the UK, such as

Other regional SETI League UK Pages

SETI League UK Wales

What the SETI League - UK is not

The SETI League's is but one of a number of SETI projects. 


The SETI@home project is now active. You can download a program from this Web Site to process audio from the Arecibo radio telescope.

Optical SETI

Project Serendip

The SETI Institute

The Planetary Society Project BETA

Please follow the above links if you have any questions about these specific projects.

The SETI League - UK team

Jenny Bailey

Regional co-ordinator - England

Home page

Amanda Baker

Regional co-ordinator - Wales/Membership Services

Home page

Tom Carlisle

Regional co-ordinator - Northern Ireland


Colin Crook

Regional co-ordinator - Scotland


Bernie Wright

Radio design

Home page

UK Based Suppliers of components for SETI

When building a Project Argus SETI station, many articles refer to equipment supplied from the USA. Although it is possible to import components from abroad using a debit card, it is usually easier to source the components locally.






Harrison Electronics

Large Dishes

March, Cambridgeshire

01354 651289


MICROWAVE COMMITTEE COMPONENTS SERVICE Microwave kits and components Northamptonshire

Hands Electronics

Radio Kits for SETI

Tegryn Llanfyrnach Pembs SA35 0BL

01239 698427


Maplin Electronics

General electronic components

PO Box 777, Raleigh, Essex, SS6 8LU

01702 554000


RS electronic services

General components

PO Box 99, Corby, Northants, NN17 9RS

01536 201201


Farnell Electronic Components

General components and wire.

Canal Road,Leeds,LS12 2TU

0113 263 6311



RF component suppliers





RF component suppliers

Park Lane, Broxbourne Herts EN10 7NQ

01992 448899



RF component suppliers

12 Elder Way, Slough, Berks SL3 6EP

01753 549502


Radio Society of Great Britain

Technical Radio Books

Lambda House, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3JE

01707 659015


Cambridge University Press

SETI books

Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road,
Cambridge CB2 2RU

01223 312393


SETI Stations in the UK

Name of operator


Status of SETI Station

Picture of Station

Amateur Radio Call

Jenny Bailey





Ken Chattenton



No Picture


Trevor Unsworth



No Picture


Bernie Wright


Under Construction

No Picture


Will Higgs


Under Construction

No Picture


SETI League - UK Newsletter

It was suggested that a SETI-UK newsletter i.e. a photocopied Post Office mail letter, would be a good way of reaching people who do not have internet connection. Ideally this would be something like quarterly A5 booklet with 4 pages. In reality, it may be better to aim for one newsletter and see how we get on. Of course we will need articles for inclusion into the newsletter

SETI League - UK Amateur Radio Net

Every Saturday and Sunday at 19:00 UK local on 3.713 + QRM. Listen for G4HJW, G0VQH or GW0FJV - Please feel free to call in.

SETI League - UK Mailing List

We now have a SETI-UK mailing list. This is for discussion of UK specific SETI matters only. For example, meetings, newsletters and local suppliers of SETI kit.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to majordomo@eartha.cyberware.co.uk with SUBSCRIBE seti-uk in the message body.

Once you have subscribed, you can post to the list at this address mailto:seti-uk@lists.cyberware.co.uk

If you want to be removed from the list, send an email to majordomo@eartha.cyberware.co.uk with UNSUBSCRIBE seti-uk in the message body.

SETI League - UK Meetings

The UK is a big place, and getting everyone together at one time could be difficult. However many of us got together at Jodrell Bank in October when the SETI League Director, Dr Paul Shuch came to visit us. Click here for a picture.

It would be good to try and arrange a SETI-UK meeting, at a mutually convenient location, once a year. This is open to discussion.

SETI League - UK Technical Consultancy

Many potential SETI participants may be put off by the technical aspects of building a SETI station. We can help in a number of ways :

Another possible problem could be commissioning the system one it is built, this often involves the use of expensive test equipment. We should be able to provide a service calibrating items such as SETI LNAs and receivers.

How can you contribute ?

We are actively encouraging enthusiasts to build their own SETI station. An example system together with approximate costing is shown here . We hope to attract people with a diverse range of expertise, so we can offer advice to those with a technical background and complete systems for purchase to others.

Planning Permission

This is a very regional problem that I hope you will not have to face. I am seeking advice on this subject..

UK Specific SETI links

Jodrell bank is hosting a SETI project. It is being used as a Follow-up detection device, checking candidate signals as received by the Arecibo Radio Telescope.

Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory located near to Cambridge.

Cambridge Amateur Radio Astronomers 


We have a number of low-cost designs for the keen amateur - see the section  Technical Scrapbook. We also have a number of dishes and mounts freely available to anyone wanting to conduct Radio Astronomy or SETI experiments. Photos to come..


We have some dishes free to a good home :

Dish with mount
Dish without mount

Larger Dishes

Amanda has also arranged for a number of decommissioned 3.7m dishes to be available. They are in a 4m by 2.5m crate and require low loader transportation. There may also be larger dishes available. Information here.

Books relevant to SETI published in the UK

SETI Books

Life on Other Worlds by Steven J Dick - Published by Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-62012-0

Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Jean Heidmann - Published by Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-58563-5

Search for Life on Other Planets by Bruce Jakosky - Published by Cambridge University Press ISBN 0521598370

Technical ( Radio ) Books

Radio Communication Handbook Published by the Radio Society of Great Britain ISBN 1-872309-24-0

Microwave Handbook , Volumes 1,2 and 3  Published by the Radio Society of Great Britain

DUBUS, Technic III,IV,V Microwave Techniques handbooks 

UK media articles with relevance to SETI



16th March 2000 - Radio 4 Today program 07:55 - Ian Morrison talking about SETI and Jodrell Bank



Here are a number of MS PowerPoint slides as used for the presentation. <seti_lecture.ppt>

Technical Scrapbook

Design of a low cost SETI receiver : argusrx

Modifying Used commercial ( PMR ) FM equipment for SETI use : SETI UK rx

A x6 diode LO multiplier with an 18 element interdigital output filter for 1275MHz : Local Oscillator

SETI uses for old Satellite LNBs : LNB

SetiSearch - Linux SETI software under development 

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